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How long should your suit last?

Jun 18 2011

Our suits and jackets are designed to survive everyday life, but if they are not cared for they may become prematurely crumpled, scruffy and shiny.
The solution is not more trips to the dry cleaners as the process involves chemicals and intense heat and this can be counterproductive.

Many men are nervous about investing in fine tailoring but a few simple guidelines will ensure they will always look and feel great.

• Do not over dry clean; twice a year should be sufficient.
• Brush thoroughly after every wearing, brushing removes the small particles of grit and dirt that are caught in the fibres of your suit.
• After wearing hang on a good quality shaped jacket hanger. Allow the jacket to relax before hanging in the wardrobe.
• Rotate wearing your suits, never the same one two days running, we all need a rest and your suit is no exception.
• Wear a suit that reflects what you are doing that day. For example don’t wear a fine wool/silk suit to visit a building site.
• Never drive or sit in a car wearing a jacket, either hang the jacket on a hanger in the car or neatly fold on the seat.
• Never be caught in the rain without a coat or umbrella, getting your jacket wet could cause differential shrinkage.
• Always unbutton your jacket when sitting down.
• Use an electric trouser press to keep the trouser creases really sharp.
• Steam your suit with a steam iron to remove any creases, smooth your hand over the creases to ease them away.
• Try to use a steam iron that has a Teflon base rather than stainless steel, otherwise you will need to use a damp cloth before steaming/pressing.
• After steaming allow the garments to dry out for a couple of hours. Wearing the garments straight after steaming will make more creasing.
• Remove any marks with a damp sponge, but never rub a stain as it will penetrate further into the fabric making it harder to remove.
• The fabrics you choose should reflect your lifestyle and occasions you require the suits for. A larger person should perhaps avoid very lightweight fabrics.
• If you don’t really wear your suit jacket during the day buy two pair of trousers.
• Only use a reputable dry cleaner who can spot clean stains and just repress if required.
• Don’t allow your garments to be dry cleaned when spot cleaning or just pressing will suffice.
Everyone is different but following the above guidelines will extend the life of your garments and provide an excellent return on your investment.

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