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How to Dress for Business – My Top Tips!

Jul 25 2013


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I hear the strangest stories in my job, but perhaps nothing quite as strange as that of Swedish train drivers swapping their trousers for skirts after their bosses banned them from wearing shorts in the hot weather!

What makes it worse is that the train company, Arriva, described wearing the skirts as “decent and proper” when representing the company. Have they gone mad?

In all my 35 years of custom tailoring, I have never heard such nonsense. To look “decent and proper” in business or when representing your company, you need to look the part – smart and presentable, which can only be achieved by wearing a made to measure suit.

So to help you make the right impression, I am going to give you my top tips for how to dress in business.


1. How do I dress to impress?

It’s amazing how a custom tailored suit together with a freshly ironed shirt and smart tie can transform a man’s appearance, particularly in today’s economic climate.

That’s why I always say to my customers, you need to look the part so that you look like you work hard and are 100% ready to get the job done.

Wearing a beautiful custom tailored suit means you will always make the right first impression.  Remember, once someone makes their mind up about you, it is often hard to change their opinion.

2. How do I stay smart throughout the day? 

From the moment you leave your home, you need to remember to keep an eye on your appearance.

Don’t leave your jacket on while driving to work and always wear your tie over your seatbelt – this will prevent any damage to your tie from the friction of the seat belt.

I can always tell if someone has worn a seat belt over their made to measure clothing because their jacket has a shine on the shoulder area which not only doesn’t look good, but can also spoil a good made to measure suit.

3. How can I improve my performance at work? 

I have a question for you. Think about who you would buy a car from – would it be from someone who takes no pride in their appearance, wears a creased shirt, badly fitting suit and scuffed shoes?

Of course it wouldn’t because this doesn’t give you the right impression. Made to measure clothing is woven into the psychology of today’s business world and carries an encoded message.

Looking smart means good job performance – your customers will take you seriously.

But make sure your suit fits you perfectly. There is nothing worse than an oversized suit as it can make you look small and retiring while a suit that is too small can make you look overweight or ‘down at heel.’ 

It is also crucial that you stay in fashion. Your old suit may still be in good condition, but it is probably looking dated. So ask yourself, what does this say about you and your company?

And there is nothing like wearing a bold pinstripe suit, if you want to give that air of confidence.

4. Will wearing a custom tailored suit prevent me from losing my job?

A number of my customers work in recruitment and we have often spoken about how important it is to dress well and wear a made to measure suit. So much so that if they had to make one of two people redundant who were equal in every respect, it would be their personal appearance that would determine their future.

You might be thinking that is ridiculous. But let’s think about it – a well-presented employee is the one who will project the right company image and that is so important in today’s business world.


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5. How can I look my best when going for a job interview?

It is an unfortunate sign of the times that jobs are hard to find at the moment. But if you are looking and find yourself invited for interview, you need to make sure you take pride in your appearance.  Remember it’s the first impression that counts!

So I suggest you


6. What should I always have in my wardrobe? 

Fashion TV shows and magazines are always telling us what ‘must haves’ we should keep in our wardrobes and every year they chop and change – in fact, it is a wonder how anyone can fit them all in! My motto is “fashion is fickle but style endures” so my advice to you is always


Is fashion fickle but style endures? Can a custom made suit really make a difference to your prospects? 

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