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Is the term ‘Bespoke’ overused and overrated.

Jun 16 2011

Until recently the term bespoke was used to describe a handmade suit usually from Savile Row. Over the last few years bespoke has taken on a new meaning of something that is a ‘one off’ product or proposition especially in advertising.

A tailoring company managed to obtain a high court ruling that the term ‘bespoke’ could be used to describe anything that is a ‘one off’

We all need to move with the times, and I have no problem with using bespoke in this way.

However I would question the motives of tailoring companies who ‘muddy’ the waters by confusing potential customers as to what exactly they are buying into. Is it bespoke tailoring in the traditional sense or is it made to measure tailoring but called bespoke?

It seems to me that if any company has confidence in their product they don’t need to confuse customers into buying into a misleading concept.

We know that our garments are manufactured to a high quality standard and are made to measure with an accurate fit. Due to the way the way the patterns are computer generated we could indeed call our garments ‘bespoke’ in the new interpretation.

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