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Why you need to think twice when buying a suit!

Sep 02 2013


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Thank goodness for IndustriALL Global Union who have been behind the introduction of an international agreement designed to improve working conditions and safety standards in Bangladeshi clothing factories.

It only took 1,100 people to die in one of the worlds worst industrial disasters for some western retailers to find their conscience – before that, all they were interested in were their profits.

But now 70 European based retailers, including H&M, Benetton and Carrefour will be responsible for all costs associated with improved inspections, training and other programs needed at Bangladeshi factories found to be in disrepair.

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However, let’s not get too excited. Bearing in mind that there are 3.6 million people working in Bangladeshi’s clothing sector earning £25 a month, this new agreement will only affect about one-fifth of more than 5,000 garment factories in Bangladesh.

And what about garment workers in China and India – who will be looking out for them?

1.       Why you need to care where your clothes are made

As a bespoke suit tailor with over 35 years in the clothing industry, I have always been conscious about where the suits I provide are made.

Here in the UK, we have a tendency to think more about the price rather than the actual quality of the garment or the conditions of the workers who make them.

You might think you are getting a good deal when you buy a cheap item of clothing – yes, it will look good to start with but take my advice, not only will the quality be lacking, but it will have a limited life span.

And can it really be acceptable to wear something which has been made by someone working in dreadful conditions being paid next to nothing?

That’s why we at Master Tailor have an open and honest ethos – all our suits are made in the EU and conform to EU legislation. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2.       Aren’t cheap suits better value for money?

Absolutely not – remember you get what you pay for! There is nothing worse than seeing a three piece ‘tailored’ suit that doesn’t fit properly so this is not value for money, however much you paid.

But at the same time, you can spend a fortune on a ‘designer’ or branded three piece tailored suit and still come away with an ill fitting garment. As a bespoke suit tailor, I have had clients show me some of their designer suits and more often than not, they have been the wrong size, fit and shape for them.

To be honest, if you are paying £600 for a made to measure suit you will get a good suit but if you spend £900 on a ‘designer’ suit, you still get a suit that in reality is a £600 suit.

This is because many designers put their own individuality and expression into their suits and for this they charge the customer extortionate sums.

3.       How can I look my best?


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The key thing when buying a suit is to make sure it fits properly – of course, when you buy a made to measure suit, it should fit you like a glove. Here are my top tips for making sure you choose the right style.

If you are tall and slim


§         Avoid pinstripes as they emphasis narrowness

§         Wear a double breasted jacket

§         Wear pattern fabrics

§         Single breasted button three is fashionable but tend to lengthen the body

§         Avoid shirts with long collar points and narrow ties as they make the face look longer


If you are overweight


§         Avoid check designs and wear pinstripes and chalk stripes

§         Wear double breasted jackets as peaked lapels move the eye upwards from the waist

§         Wear medium to dark colours

§         Avoid button down or spread collar shirts – wear longer collar points

§         Wear a tie with a bold design


If you are short


§         Wear pinstripes and narrow chalk stripes

§         Wear a shorter length jacket as it will make you look taller

Remember a good suit should hug your shoulders and not slouch off them, whatever your shape.  

Is there anything the consumer can do to improve the conditions of clothing factories in the Far East, India and Bangladesh? What tips have you got for the perfect fitting suit?



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