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Why shouldn’t men wear red trousers?

Aug 10 2013

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Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is in the news again, not for fighting with the paparazzi but for daring to wear red trousers – not a good thing according to the British public!

The Canadian pop star was snapped wearing an all in red number, including trousers, at one of his concerts.

But according to a recent poll, almost half said they weren’t keen on red trousers, while 24% admitted they didn’t “like it at all” when they saw men wearing them. Even celebrities, Jonathan Ross and Rio Ferdinand, keen advocates of wearing red, have failed to reverse opinions.


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And who has been responsible for this life-changing poll – none other than respected researchers YouGov, the organisation normally responsible for finding out which political party we like or dislike.

Apparently, red trousers are associated with “toffs” and “hipsters” but the first word that sprung to most people’s minds when asked what they thought about a man in red trousers was, would you believe it “red” – hardly an earth shattering revelation is it?

The next word associations were “gay” and “idiot” followed by “yuk”, “prat” and one too rude to repeat!

So what’s wrong with wearing red?  Socialite and fashion journalist Henry Conway wrote in a recent column that red trouser-wearing is something representative of the British upper-class.

As a men’s suit tailor, I just think there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want and I can’t understand why anyone would waste time trying to find out whether we like men wearing red trousers or not – has YouGov nothing better to do particularly with all that’s going on in the world?

A Monsieur Henri de Pantalon-Rouge celebrates the wearing of red trousers via a blog and website and I say good for him!

  1. Why you shouldn’t be dictated to by fashion 

Fashion is a funny thing – quite frankly people can look horrendous when trying to keep up with the latest trends. I also think that men who follow so called fashion really are incapable of thinking for themselves.

An example of this is during a recent business trip to Munich. Whilst waiting at Manchester airport, I had the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of mingling with hordes of holiday makers jetting off on their annual vacation.


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And what a mismatch of clothes I saw – contrasting colours mixed with brand labels that looked just awful. These people were all following so-called fashion and it was not a pretty sight!

At Munich, however, during a four hour wait for my return flight home, I was amazed to see that the average German passenger was still casually dressed but was colour co-ordinated giving an air of self-confidence and well-being.

As a men’s suit tailor, this is what I try to instil in my clients. Some of them like to look at current trends, but at the same time want to add their own touches to make them stand out from everyone else.

Quite recently I made a 100% bright yellow two-piece linen tailored suit for a very large well-built gentlemen – he looked amazing and was very pleased to be able to express his own interpretation of fashion.

  1. How can I look stylish? 

Men’s clothes need to reflect the busy lives they lead but I always advise my clients to choose a style and fabric that suits their size and shape. This is a key factor when buying clothes – you need them to complement your figure.

Remember no-one has a perfect shape so don’t compromise on fit and style, especially when your tailored suits can be made to fit you. Choosing a suit shouldn’t be rushed, it’s rather like drinking a fine wine!

When getting measured for a suit, a good suit tailor will always discuss with you your current wardrobe – your likes and dislikes. This way you will get the suit you want.

  1. What type of fabric should I choose? 

A suit is only as good as the fabric it is made from. A knowledgeable suit tailor should talk with passion when discussing the various weaves, materials, fibres and counts of wool. These days, fabrics are getting lighter in weight and the counts of wool finer.

Here are some to the types of fabric you might get told about:

Pinstripe – a fine or broken vertical line
Chalk stripe – a thicker stripe
Bird’s eye – a diamond shape
Prince of Wales – a square check design
Herringbone – the weave resembles the bones of a Herringbone fish
Tweed– usually woven from coarse wool – ideal for sports jackets or country suits
Flannel – a smooth woollen cloth
Cavalry twill – a diagonal weave usually made into trousers

A good tip is to ask your tailor to let you have some samples of cloth before you make a decision. Don’t be shy, he can only say no!

Are there any other colour trousers that men shouldn’t wear? What has been your fashion faux pas?

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Other people’s perception of who we are

Nov 22 2012

One of my customers a Nigerian lawyer living in Fulham London was recently telling me about people’s perceptions about how we dress. He likes his bespoke suits to be well fitted and look very sharp. When walking down his street wearing a suit on his way to work people nod or say hello in a polite and friendly manner. By contrast if he is going to the gym on a dark evening wearing a hooded top the same ‘people’ look at him with a terrified expression in case he is a ‘hoodie’. It is the same person but his clothes do make a difference. This reinforces the fact we are all judged by our appearance and also how easy it is to create the wrong impression.


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A suit and a Camera

Nov 22 2012

Recently I commissioned some photography for one of our other websites. The photographer was an excellent chap called Andy Snaith . I was struck by the similarities between the eye for detail of a professional tailor and that of the photographer. A suit that doesn’t fit or is badly made is the same as a simple snapshot. The photo may seem ok until you compare the same result from the professional photographer. If you have never had a professionally made to measure suit you cannot appreciate the difference when compared to ‘off the peg’

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Travel in comfort and arrive in style

Feb 05 2012

One concern of many customers who travel on business is that they want their suits to have minimal creasing. We can now offer either a high twist wool/polyester with Lycra which has a very soft handle and is a pleasure to wear for all our made to measure suits. Plus the prices are quite reasonable!

Alternatively we have some new Fresco suit cloths from J J Minnnis. This is the travel original cloth brought up to date. The Fresco weave was patented in Huddersfield in 1907 by Martin & Sons (part of the same group). You can now enjoy wearing modern made to measure suit designs that incorporate proven technology that is over 100 years old. Many mills also have their own high twist travel suit cloths but don’t really compare to the 1907 original. There is a wide choice of designs and including some fabrics that have a linen look without the creasing. If you would like to view either of the travel ranges please either call or email and I would be delighted to show them to you.

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Treat your suppliers as partners

Sep 05 2011

Harold Rose – Managing Director, Master Tailor Ltd

I’ve Gone Back to What I Love

I was born into the clothing industry. Our original family business, Alexander Rose, was established in 1945. I became managing director in the late 1970s and employed more than 150 staff producing 800 made-to-measure suits per week. I sold the business in the 1980s and started another that supplied corporate uniforms to blue chip companies. When I sold that I decided to return to my roots – made-to-measure tailoring. I enjoy building personal relationships with my customers and seeing the delight on their faces when they try their suits on for the first time.
Consistency is Everything

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