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What is garment engineering?

Jul 12 2012

Following the article about me in the Natwest business magazine I received an email from Morgan Gustafson to say hello after losing contact many years ago. In 1979 Morgan changed my whole perception of the clothing industry. Our factory at the time was manufacturing garments in the traditional way, the same as most UK factories at that time. We decided to engage the services of Erikson Associates who were Swedish clothing consultants and Morgan had the task of engineering the garment production and also persuding our employees and middle management that there was a more efficient way of manufacturing garments. The biggest fear we had at the time was the fear of changing from the comfort of what we had to that of something very different. The easiest way to describe garment engineering is to compare it to building a motor car. Imagine cutting out the pieces of steel and then chopping bits off to make the sections fit together. it would be logical and efficient to cut everything correctly in the first place.

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Travel in comfort and arrive in style

Feb 05 2012

One concern of many customers who travel on business is that they want their suits to have minimal creasing. We can now offer either a high twist wool/polyester with Lycra which has a very soft handle and is a pleasure to wear for all our made to measure suits. Plus the prices are quite reasonable!

Alternatively we have some new Fresco suit cloths from J J Minnnis. This is the travel original cloth brought up to date. The Fresco weave was patented in Huddersfield in 1907 by Martin & Sons (part of the same group). You can now enjoy wearing modern made to measure suit designs that incorporate proven technology that is over 100 years old. Many mills also have their own high twist travel suit cloths but don’t really compare to the 1907 original. There is a wide choice of designs and including some fabrics that have a linen look without the creasing. If you would like to view either of the travel ranges please either call or email and I would be delighted to show them to you.

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A busy week, Munich, Monaco and London!

Feb 05 2012

I am always asked how I spend my days and still always turn up with the goods on time every time.

Last week was a very busy week. On Tuesday I flew to Munich for the day to personally deliver some suits and jackets to a Russian client. On Wednesday I drove to Heathrow and on Thursday flew to Nice to meet two Norwegian clients in Monaco (I did have a leisurely lunch at the Café de Paris) Flew back to London that night. On Friday I met other clients in Savile Row and the city. Saturday saw a trip to Ascot and then headed back to Yorkshire.  Fortunately my Blackberry and ipad kept me in touch with my office and other clients.

I certainly do meet a lot of very interesting people and I really appreciate their trust and confidence in my ability. In turn I always try to make sure that they receive the care and attention to every last detail.

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A difficult choice

Feb 05 2012

Some customers find it difficult to make a decision as to which fabric to choose for their new made to measure suit. I am always very patient with them as the choices on offer are so vast. Sometimes I see a suit fabric and I know straight away it is right for the customer. Other times it needs some discussion as to the type of garment, how and when it is to be worn, their body size and complexion is also a factor as well.  Choosing suit cloth is like choosing a fine wine you need to savour the different weights, textures, designs, and various natural fibre blends to eventually reach a decision. If after reading this you decide to buy a bespoke or made to measure suit don’t be embarrassed if you take your time. I will fully understand and be very patient!

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Treat your suppliers as partners

Sep 05 2011

Harold Rose – Managing Director, Master Tailor Ltd

I’ve Gone Back to What I Love

I was born into the clothing industry. Our original family business, Alexander Rose, was established in 1945. I became managing director in the late 1970s and employed more than 150 staff producing 800 made-to-measure suits per week. I sold the business in the 1980s and started another that supplied corporate uniforms to blue chip companies. When I sold that I decided to return to my roots – made-to-measure tailoring. I enjoy building personal relationships with my customers and seeing the delight on their faces when they try their suits on for the first time.
Consistency is Everything

Read More

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How to choose a suit cloth

Aug 22 2011

One question I am always asked is how to choose a suitable cloth. Most people think of a colour and if the weather is warm maybe a lightweight fabric.

My advice is to ask yourself the following questions

• What kind of design, plain stripe, check, or surface interest,

• For what occasion? Social, wedding or business

• What type of wear, travelling, office based, socialising

• How often the suit would be worn, ideally a maximum of twice a week.

• How much after care?

• The time of year, consider a lightweight for spring summer or a mid-weight for autumn winter

• Preference for light medium or heavyweight fabrics, everyone has individual taste

• Your size The longevity of a suit can be affected by the weight of fabric selected in relation the size of the individual and how often the suit is worn.

• Luxury or durability. Many people are hung up on ‘super numbers’ and think for example that a super 160’s wool will give the best quality suit. The wool content is only part of the evaluation of the fabric as the quality of the weaving and finishing are as important as the wool content.

Choose the fabric based on the above criteria and remember that selecting a fabric that is ‘fit for purpose’ is not always the most expensive. For more detailed in depth advice you can email

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How long should your suit last?

Jun 18 2011

Our suits and jackets are designed to survive everyday life, but if they are not cared for they may become prematurely crumpled, scruffy and shiny.
The solution is not more trips to the dry cleaners as the process involves chemicals and intense heat and this can be counterproductive. Read More

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Is the term ‘Bespoke’ overused and overrated.

Jun 16 2011

Until recently the term bespoke was used to describe a handmade suit usually from Savile Row. Over the last few years bespoke has taken on a new meaning of something that is a ‘one off’ product or proposition especially in advertising. Read More

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Why ‘off the peg garments’ don’t always fit Mr Average

Jun 16 2011

Many customers are puzzled why some ‘off the peg’ garments fit them and others do not. Read More

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The art of the garment designer

Jun 16 2011

There is a certain mystic attached to garment designers and pattern cutters. We all read about the famous clothing designers who influence how we dress and how we buy our clothes. Read More

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