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Why ‘off the peg garments’ don’t always fit Mr Average

Jun 16 2011

Many customers are puzzled why some ‘off the peg’ garments fit them and others do not.

When clothing is designed there are several objectives, the first being to sell as many garments as possible, the fabric and design has to appeal to the target market and the fit needs to accommodate as many body shapes as possible without deviating from the desired design.

Clothing manufacturers and retailers do several things to create a feel good factor. For example a pair of trousers maybe ticketed 34” waist but in reality they are actually made 35” waist. This is called cosmetic sizing.
The average man will feel comfortable in the slightly larger size but the shop that has the true 34” waist could by comparison be accused of selling tighter trousers.

Another example is mens shirts. The neck size is in proportion to the chest size, so a 15.5 neck equates to a 40” chest. This is acceptable but on most high street shirts the stomach measurement is only slightly less than the chest size. The reason for this is the shirt will fit someone with a larger stomach/waist. The slimmer man will think that is how shirts always fit him.

In high fashion shops and boutiques slimmer fit shirts are hung on hangers rather than wrapped in cellophane. Again the reason for this is because someone with a bigger stomach won’t fit into the shirt and the shop cannot refold the shirt the same way as it left the factory.

In reality there is no Mr Average as virtually everyone has some part of their body shape that doesn’t exactly fit into ready to wear garments irrespective of the price paid.

With our system there is no need to compromise, all garments are cut to fit accurately so customers can have the style, cut, fit and fabric of their choice.

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